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Access Controls


Motion Gate Ltd can supply and install various access control solutions ranging from
standard audio intercoms to the latest smart phone integrated technology.

Audio Intercoms

This device facilitates a communication to an entrance point.
Usually consisting of a call point outside the entrance to a handset inside the property,
configured to open a gate or door directly once the caller has been identified.

Wireless Intercoms

 Working on the same principle as a wired intercom, but without the need for physical wiring. The wireless systems contacts your land-line or mobile phone, enabling the user to communicate
with visitors and unlock a door or gate, even if you're on the other side of the world.

Video Entry Intercoms

 This system has the same features as an audio intercom, but with the added benefit of a video screen enabling the owner to visually identify the caller in a more secure manner,
available with coloured or black and white displays. 

GSM Entry Intercoms

 GSM intercoms utilise the latest technology enabling users to control their entry systems from landlines or with a mobile phone app.  This is especially useful and cost effective if the automated system has a high number of users, 
such as office blocks or commercial bases.  

Keypads and Key switches


Keypads are the most cost effective and efficient methods to control your automated system. 
They can be wired or wireless and are normally operated with a 4 or 6 digit pin number.
Wireless keypads are more secure then a hard wired version.

Key switches are a simple and effective option for controlling your automated system.
Generally installed at an entrance allowing access with a key,
and a push button located inside the property to facilitate an exit.

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