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Our Services


Commercial Gates


Motion Gate Ltd supplies and installs commercial gates providing security for your business including;
Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Emergency Services and Local Authority Buildings.

Commercial gates can be manual or automated and come in various designs depending on
gate size and entrance restrictions.


Commercial swing gates can come in a standard galvanised finish or galvanised and
powder coated with any RAL colour of your choice.
With sizes up to 3.0m high and 6.0m wide for single swing gates or 12.0m wide for double swing gates.


For wider entrances, telescopic sliding gates, cantilevered gates and tracked sliding gates are recommended. We also supply and install matching Palisade Fencing to secure the  whole of your perimeter, giving your premises a clean and       professional look.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Permanent and long lasting, 
this type of fencing is a great way to protect areas that require high security and
is a very popular choice for its strength and reliability.


Due to the height and construction,
Palisade Fencing is an effective deterrent for potential intruders,
significantly reducing the risk of theft and damage on your property.
The main purpose is to supply a secure, clean and clear boundary around your premises,

If your business has any highly dangerous or valuable equipment such as generators, 
electrical transformers, gas stores or plant equipment, you should consider installing extra security fencing
to isolate and protect these sensitive areas, protecting your assets and ensuring that personnel and the general public are safeguarded from any unfortunate incidents. 


Palisade Fencing comes in a variety of styles, sizes and designs:
with heights from 1.8m to 3m and in a standard galvanised finish or powered coating,
to any RAL colour of your choice,
and can be installed with matching gates to give a clear and professional look to your business.

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