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Bollards and Barriers 


Motion Gates Ltd supply and install a variety of bollards to suit applications such as traffic management, 

our experienced team can create custom solutions to cover practically any scenario or eventuality required by our clients. Depending on your intended usage, bollards can be installed as a fixed or flexible object,  static or retractable, and can be designed to give way on minimum impact, or withstand heavy forces. 


Telescopic Retractable Bollards 

These security posts are ideal for domestic driveways, providing a very effective way to secure your vehicles from attempted theft, to fortify entrances and to define pedestrian areas. They are manually pulled up from ground level and then lock into place providing a very visible and effective deterrent. When not required, they are simply unlocked and lowered back into the ground, in a weatherproof channel with covering flap, leaving a flush finish to the floor. Available in various sizes, strengths, colours and finishes.  


 Anti - Ram Bollards    

These reinforced bollards offer a greater level of deterrent against any attempted ram raid attack
as they are larger and stronger in comparison to standard retractable bollards.

Telescopic anti-ram bollards are manufactured to an industry standard with a 5mm steel gauge wall.
Further models are reinforced internally with an additional steel core providing a 7mm wall. 

Anti-ram bollards have a greater operating weight than regular bollards, with lift assisted versions reducing the operating weight by 70%.

All of our anti-ram bollards are accredited into the "secured by design" UK police initiative
for crime prevention. Available in various sizes, strengths, colours and styles.  

 Gas Spring Rising Bollards 

Designed for road access control, with a simple method of use, they are operated by specials keys. 
They are lowered at the press of a foot and are automatically locked into place at the base.

With similar appearance to static bollards, they can be installed in conjunction with one another
to cover wide entrances where other fixed or automated bollards are present.
Models are finished in a grey colour RAL 7015 and also available with light crowns
and a polished stainless steel finish.  

Electromechanical Rising Bollards 

Rising bollards are suitable for sensitive sites such as barracks,
airports and buildings of importance. 

Standard versions are more suitable for public installations where the bollard must lower spontaneously allowing passage in case of a power failure, while for more sensitive sites,
other versions are available which do not descend on power loss, adding to the overall security.

Electromechanical bollards have rising times from 5 to 9 secs with up to 4 bollards managed simultaneously. They are available in grey finish RAL 7015 and stainless finish 

Fixed Bollards 

To complement other bollards in the range there are fixed options which can be used for
permanent closure of entrances, and can be integrated and combined with other bollards
of similar shapes and sizes. Also available as standard in grey finish RAL 7015 with LED light crown
and also with a sleek stainless steel finish. 

Automatic Entry Barriers 

We offer fast opening barriers in a variety of formats.
Available with 2.75m booms for single-traffic entrances to 12.0m booms for large entrances.  Supplied with standard safety and control devices including safety photocells for obstruction detection,
inductive loops for vehicular monitoring, warning beacons and LED lighting kits for the booms. These gates can be integrated into new or existing entry, monitoring and access solutions. 

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