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Here are some of the FAQ's and answers you may find useful!

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How far away can I open my gates or doors?
Normally most automated systems can be operated at a distance of 30-80m this does depend on local environmental conditions

What happens during a power cut?
Every motor system has a manual override in case of power cuts or mechanical breakdown allowing access during these periods. Some motors unlock their fail release automatically when the power goes off others have to be released manually
using a key.

What are the extra buttons for on my remote control?
Modern remote handsets come with multiple buttons these can be used to control other automated systems from one hand set such as other gates or garage doors.

What are the advantages to automated gates?
Automated gates offer the owner a higher level of security, easier access on awkward roadside access and can add value to the property with the benefit of cheaper insurance.

What happens if I'm delayed and the gates start to close before I am through the entrance?
Every gate system should have photo cells installed which project an infra-red beam across the entrance if these beam is broken by a car or pedestrians the gates will automatically return to the open position. If you system has any areas of potential crushing i.e. with a sliding gate or the gate opens near an obstacle then a flexible safety edge should also be fitted, if the gate hits and obstacle  then the switch in the safety edge will contact and stop the gate instantly.

What is a driveway loop?
Drive loops are an integral part of most automatic gate systems, they are used to control the gate to open or prevent it from closing on a vehicle in the path of the gate. They also can be used for peripheral activities such as turning on drive way lights of informing a residence that a vehicle has arrived



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